​​​​Heat Power Technology​​​

S.J(Govt) Polytechnic Bangalore, is the only Polytechnic in KARNATAKA which has HEAT POWER Technology branch being taught.

This branch being taught. This branch of engineering, as indicated deals with internal combustion engines, alternative fuels engines, Steams engines, Refrigeration and air conditioning Engg, Pollution Fluid Mechanism control of industries and non-mechanical energy sources

 This branch is an allied course and fully informed. This branch taught as indication deals lateral  couhaltion engines, external cohestion Engines Theory of M/CS fluid mechanicals apprats, Hyfrolics pump & Hydralic thrlies, Aim conditing & Refigenation Engg, Pollution conhals industries and non-conviential Energy sources. Which is most demand in the present industries sectors This branch is an allied course and fully informative.

In order to meet the demand for technicians for various industries and business community our curriculum is restructured and updated. This branch is planned to meet the needs of the mass by conducting short-term programs. This branch has very good placement opportunity. Seminars are arranged to update knowledge of on going technologies. This branch has well equipped laboratories and infrastructure with dedicate, trained and experienced supporting staff and imports excellent practical skills to the students.